Activities - Birdwatching

Here you can:

- Walking and trekking.
- Accommodation included in the project birdwatchinginspain - TRINO. Watch this video
- Fishing in the river Moros and hunting -only with permission-.
- Collecting mushrooms and pine nuts.

And river walks, highly recommended!

A few kilometers:

- Food trails.
- Gliding, just 12 km. from here,  Fuentemilanos.
- Enoturism, Rueda wines.

About Juarros de Riomoros:
Juarros de Riomoros

The village is located in the region of Campiña Segoviana (Segovian countryside), “a place where one can contemplate immense horizons  that relax the spirit, gently rolling plains seen only by eagles and kites with pine groves and ash groves that the  Voltoya, Moros and Eresma rivers have beeen drawn over the course of  centuries” (quote from Aidescom).