The house is composed of two floors. On the ground floor you will find the kitchen, the living room (with an open, two-storey dining area), and a bathroom. From the living room you exit to the patio. Upstairs there are two fully-equipped double bedrooms, a bathroom and an open space suitable as living room or study.

A staircase connects the two floors creating a grand, open, two-storey space which allows the original wooden structure built in the traditional Castillan way to be fully appreciated.  In addition, there is a private backyard from which you can access another double bedroom equipped with a toilet.

The Rural House consists of four-six official hotel-size beds, plus an extra bed.  Please do not hesitate to contact us in the event that this does not suit your individual needs. Children under two are welcome free of charge.

Fotografías: Lola Marazuela  

About the Rehabilitation:

Old stables

La Media Fanega is an old building constructed with adobe walls that  has now been converted into a comfortable living space. The restoration was carried out following the criteria of traditional architecture adapted to the modern-day requirements of quality construction.


All of the interior structure– pillars, beams, staircase and ceiling- is made of wood . The impressive pine cercha (truss) is a new replica of the original, meaning that the roof already had this wooden structure, which supports itself without the use of columns.

Both the walls and floors of the upper floor are made entirely of wood.

Materials and facilities

The entire construction process was a family collaboration. Relying on professionals within the family, the work of carpentry, architecture, design and photography were carried out with love and care.
The house is equipped with fully-functional modern facilities. The plumbing, heating and electricity have  all been adapted to the most up-to-date standards.